There are many reasons to upgrade the electrical system in your home. If your home is more than 25 years old, you are thinking about a renovation that will add a high power consumption appliance like a hot tub, air conditioner or spa, or you suspect there are issues with your current system. An updated panel with new wiring will make your home safer as well as add value and piece of mind. Call the professionals at T.K. Electric to discuss how best to deal with your electrical system.

Some signs that your electrical panel needs upgrading:
- If you panels are less than 200 amps and/or you have a maximum of 32 circuits
- Your breakers trip regularly or fuses but out often.
- Your lights flicker when you turn on a major appliance or for no logical reason
- You cannot run your appliance(s) at full power
- You hear a “crackle” from your electrical panel.
- Your outlets are not grounded (two prongs instead of three)
-  It feels warm inside your breaker box
- There is damage to your breaker switches (rust or corrosion)
- Your breakers do not trip